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Author Topic: Jamaican Lambsbread  (Read 4269 times)
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« on: April 08, 2008, 07:59:59 AM »

Hey whats up reading the post. I have a few friends in jamaica and there is a strain they call lambsbread from what i know. The grower I know have been growing it for 40 years but sad to say, like mention in the site instead of stablizing of new genetics and interbreading to produce better strains. Alot of the old strains have died out from strict importation. Examples of these in the caribbean are the columbia lowland , midland, highland strains, panama red and red beard sativa accustom to St.Vincent. Jamaican lambsbread is a difficult strain to get pure but even holland seed banks aquired it from jamaica. If someone is interested in getting some i can try contact a good friend of mine in Jamaica and see if we can arrange it.

Kingsbread is another famous strain that was the upgraded bread version of lambsbread but it is hardly ever gotten. I aquired a few but it was mixed with jamaican orange bud seeds. When trying to get more the original grower of the kingsbread switched to a strain easier to produce as most of these hybrids have shorter times with less height and chance of detection. It was replaced by Masterlow a commercial lowryder strain because several crops can be made.  if interbred with the kingsbread ido notknow which would be a good strain. Most older strains are grown by the rasta sects in the region but they also have started importing seeds and modernizing where before it was a close culture within the village, hills and what they call "Zion" or the garden. I agree some strains are all hype but this one is not one of them some rastas in jamaica still grow the traditional strain. 

 Jamaican sativa is being replaced by indica strains even on you tube various growers from jamaica boasting over the "indica". I know sativa are bothersome because of the illegality of th herb in these countries but "we grow it cause we love it" was and still is the motto. Constant raids in that part of the world and their timing usually only allows for two crops since indoor planting is not common. september month long crop and january febury month short crop. This is particular happening all over the world with strains that are potent and traditional breed fro years do to the replacement of better strains and lack of breeding knowledge in the culture which has gotten more commercial.

The reason, I beleive this is interesting post is the folowing the traditional skunk seeds that we now cheerish were bought from strains from mexico, columbia , jamaica, afghany if i am not mistaken. I am for the development of new strains but also for development of old ones that were the building blocks and still genetic master pieces that still today can be used to sup up other strains. In horticulture you look for the wild varities to better plants cultivated in the field when disease or resistance or traits or needed, i believe this is true to for cannabis.   

Lambsbreed genetics can also be found or so they say on the site hemcy seeds in holland.    Site ( http://www.hemcy.com/ ). The lambsbread seeds is jamaican strain when compresed is usally sold in block that look like about a gram oily buds with no seeds that when pressed the extra oil or resin is keept for the grower. This weed was a staple export up till the 90's in my island country. hardly ever seeds in about 100 kilos only 3 seeds have i know about from the weed if any is found they were crushed. Kingsbread is a legend as well jamaicans who know abt it mention it be like lionheart to be put out after a few puffs to be started again later but i myself have searched for it for a few years till my friend who is a family friend with links from jamaica hunted down the seeds from his various growers friends there.
PM me if more information is needed. I also have alot of seed banks but are more interested in breeding stock biggrin. If anyone would like to speak to grower from yard ( jamiaca i will ask him and then you can speak to him directly) These growers also are traditional growiers growing crops as well to support their family. AS the jamaican dollar was 62 to 1 Us dollar when i left 2 years ago.
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