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Please consider this info. Medical Cannabis is worth a new look...

     People from all walks of life enjoy it, and the death toll remains at zero killed as a direct result of its use. Cannabis remains the safest recreational substance available on earth, after over 2 million years of companionship with mankind!! Don't be fooled by 20th Century Propaganda!!

Legalize Cannabis, and STOP THE GANG MURDERS!!!

If legalized marijuana is on the ballot in your area, read the proposed statute carefully. Call, write or email your representative if it doesn't include the right to grow your own marijuana from Seeds. This provision will reduces the cost and puts this highly effective alternative treatment option within reach of those who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

Find up to date and useful info about the alternative treatment of common ailments using Cannabis!!


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     This is our Peaceful and Compassionate Cannabis Community where we share info on the cultivation and use of CANNABIS for Symptomatic Medical Relief, Substance Withdrawal,  Increased  Creativity and Enhanced Relaxation from the stress of our ordinary lives.  We don't Condone Drug Abuse ...but we do advocate CANNABIS as a tool in the treatment for minor ailments, and recovery from other dangerous street and prescription drugs. We recommend CANNABIS for other painful conditions for which pharmaceutical  drugs with addictive and negative side-effects are routinely over-prescribed. We accept CANNABIS as a natural and effective Medicine.

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